So much has changed in recent times. We’re all getting efficient at this WFH biz, adapting to the Zoom lifestyle and Kondo-ing our commute.

For non-essential businesses to survive, the hard truth is we need to embrace flexible and innovative thinking like never before. Working remotely is the ‘easy’ part (not referring to homeschooling for a second!), changing the way your business operates and maybe even your core services is the challenge. 

Over the past few weeks we’ve spoken to many of you and it’s clear that although we are all in the same storm we are not always in the same boat. Some of you now actually have the time to spend reflecting on your business. Some are scrambling to bring forward plans that were 18 months away. The common theme is that action needs to happen now, regardless of circumstance.

With clear eyes and an open desire to adapt, we believe businesses can not only survive the crisis but grow and reinvent to be stronger than ever.

We’ve prepared some tangible tips and strategies that you can implement in your business right now:

1/ Blitz your brand strategy

Simply put, what do you want to be known for? We all get caught up in running our businesses, never more than in a time of (unprecedented) uncertainty and change. It’s hard to get through the week, let alone think about the future. Ironically, strategically identifying your brand DNA can be the roadmap that sees you through times of crisis. It can allow you to craft innovative design and marketing communications that support and direct your business where you want and need it to go. Perhaps your services have evolved or you are pivoting your offering? Make sure your strategy is re-focused to align with the new direction. Write it down, print it out and eyeball it daily to ensure you keep things on track.

2/ Stay connected in isolation

As humans, we’re hard-wired to seek connection. While social distancing measures are keeping us at home we need to find new ways to fill the void. Personally, I’m calling old friends out of the blue and reaching out to others far and near. Business-wise, this applies to your target markets too. Human stories will resonate most right now. Be thoughtful, considered and sensitive to context, and don’t be afraid to share your challenges. A genuine approach to storytelling will maintain customer loyalty far beyond these times. Jump out of your comfort zone and connect in ways you never have before.

3/ Your website is your virtual shopfront

While we’re all bunkering down, your website is more important than ever before. As your 24/7 shopfront it should be professionally presented, easy to navigate and able to collect leads and/or make sales. Life is hard enough, make things easy for your customers…how could you better enhance their online needs? With a reported 32% increase in online shopping, it’s a no brainer that your website should be geared up to deliver a better customer experience. Websites aren’t set and forget – how long has it been since you reviewed your site with an impartial eye?

These recommendations are not rocket science. The sheer impact of coronavirus is simply the ‘rocket’ many needed to take the leap into stronger connections and a more refined digital presence. We’re here to help support businesses impacted by coronavirus, and are now offering tailored relief packages to give you a clear direction and strong brand presence.

Reinvention rockets: three support levels   

Level 1/ Brand Workshop

Do you want to reinvent, but don’t even know where to start? Get your mojo back with our one hour strategic BRAND WORKSHOP via video chat. You can ask all the questions in this collaborative one-on-one call, and reap the benefit of our expertise with no strings attached. We promise you’ll leave feeling inspired and confident in how to get your brand back on track.

If you’re fired up after our call (and you will be), the next step is to take up one of our strategic packages below: 

Level 2/ Brand Package  

Our BRAND PACKAGE is for businesses looking to ride out the storm. This easy-to-follow gameplan takes a fresh look at your existing design and marketing, including a one hour brand workshop, brand refinement and social media startup kit. This package contains the essentials that will get you back on track, pronto. 

Level 3/ Strategy Package

For businesses keen to adapt now, the STRATEGY PACKAGE is the perfect solution. You will emerge with a roadmap to ensure your brand’s longevity into 2021 and beyond. This package will flip your existing marketing approach on its head, prepare to dive deep! Includes a one hour brand workshop, brand strategy, brand refinement, website audit, electronic newsletter template and social media content guide, including cleverly crafted messaging and beautifully branded posts.


This is just the start of what we can do, and naturally the brand workshop can be credited towards any of our support packages. Click here to contact us now.