What’s a pre-xmas catchup with friends and family without a refreshing (and delicious!) festive spritz to set the scene. Here’s one we prepared earlier…

— 1 part gin (we love to support locals Craft & Co – Collingwood Dry)
— 3 part tonic (make sure to invest in a good quality tonic, it makes all the difference, try Fever-Tree)
— Handful of frozen cranberries
— Sprig of rosemary

Put four of the cranberries into a small bowl and top with cool water. Set aside. Leave the rest of the cranberries in the freezer until you’re ready for them. Pour the gin and the tonic into a tall glass.
Squeeze the four cranberries over the glass such that a bit of their bright red juice plops into the gin and tonic.
Add the remaining frozen whole cranberries.
Stick the rosemary sprig into the glass and use it to stir everything around.
Drink, and sink into festive spirit (ahh!)