How often does a great idea start at the kitchen table? For mother and son team Annette and Mark Fenton, that’s where Heirloom Gourmet Foods was born.

Over a Sunday roast, lamb of course, they started reminiscing about Grandma Polly Fox, living on a sheep station in rural Victoria with seven kids underfoot. Polly’s love of cooking was legendary, and her legacy continued through each generation. Her handwritten recipes are a treasured reminder of a time gone by when ingredients came straight from the kitchen garden.

Mark could see a unique business opportunity to share Polly’s recipes with the world. Heirloom represents their family heritage, developed from Polly’s original recipes, a sweet story, and a legacy for Annette (& Polly).

The Brief

Launched both pre-Christmas and mid-pandemic with a single product, the brand needed to be positioned as a trusted, established entity with a superior offering on a competitive shelf. It was imperative to ensure the brand would be flexible for future extension as the product range expands.

Strategy before design — Brand, Packaging, Web UX, Social

With a focus on Australian recipes, made with Australian ingredients, it was important to integrate the family connection. Memories of pioneering family matriarch Polly Fox and times around her kitchen table are at the heart of the brand experience.



The flagship Mint Drizzle is the first in the range of Polly’s contemporary heirloom recipes, capturing Polly’s spirit with a distinctive and memorable design and abundant shelf presence.

Web/ UX

The client’s objectives are to build an extensive client base of retailers that purchase their product and who in turn sell to a growing, loyal consumer base. An e-commerce website needed to make it easy for both small and large retailers to place orders, showcase the brand story and hero products to consumers looking to find out more about the brand.

Social Campaign

To ensure the Heirloom Gourmet Foods’ social presence was consistent with the new brand, ID produced an engaging series of pre-launch posts.

Additionally, simple but impactful templates were created so the client could continue to curate their social channels with strong visuals and consistent messaging.


Heirloom Gourmet Foods launched successfully in December 2021 and has a growing list of stockists including Tullys Corner Produce Store in Mornington.


“Thank-you Ebony and Petra, for an excellent presentation. We are thrilled with all three of the concepts, in particular Concept A — it captures the spirit of our product while being so fresh and new.”

Mark Fenton — Director