This week marks 13 years since I was jobless, spent ALL my savings on my very first G5 MAC and started ‘something’ from my teeny tiny spare bedroom. Would 25 year-old me have taken the plunge into business ownership if she knew the blood sweat and tears that lay ahead? Hell NO…but I’m bloody glad that she did! If I could travel back in time, (way back to the little-old Seaford studio) I’d tell her that taking the plunge would be 100% worth it.

Back in the old days, we spent 90% of our time designing logos, annual reports, brochures, promotional postcards, print advertising, stationery, etc. The industry has evolved so much, with branding, website design and digital newsletters now 70% of our workload.

A lot has changed since that initial crisis moment, but what has remained consistent throughout all these years is the most amazing clients and suppliers as well as the legends I can proudly call my team.

The graphic design industry is nothing like it was way back in 2005 and Ivory Design isn’t either, constantly evolving and changing right before our eyes. We’ve grown, we’ve moved, we’ve welcomed many fur babies as well as real-life babies and we’ve continued to learn and explore new avenues.

In the spirit of birthday reflection, today we are indulging in cake overload (thanks to the amazing Sprinkles Spice and Everything Iced).

It has been a genuine pleasure to continue to do what we love.

Ebony x