As brand specialists, the most rewarding projects are those building a new businesses completely from scratch. The recently launched Willow Urban Retreat in Armadale is a perfect example.

Willow is a unique, integrated wellness experience designed to create a true sense of nourishment, inspiration and wholeness. Comprising a day spa retreat, innovative yoga and movement studio plus wholefoods cafe, the Willow experience transcends our expectations of a luxury spa experience. When Willow Urban Retreat partnered with ID it was a dream project for our team. Our challenge was to shape their visual brand and align it to the elegance and simplicity of their architectural space and innovative wellness offerings, to ensure its connection to the hearts of their clients. We call this adding the magic formula to bring the brand to life.

As Willow was a new player in the marketplace, we worked closely with their team to cover multiple brand touchpoints, from social media strategy and a fully responsive website with online booking system integration, to printed service menus, stunning gift vouchers and multiple stationery items. We are thrilled to be part of the Willow journey — a ‘holistic’ design experience, to say the least!

This all might sound super glamorous and simple to achieve, and this is the impression we want to give. The challenge is in ensuring the business image is 100% consistent, professional and impactful at all times. A wow-factor brand that blows people away is always unique and memorable…that’s the hidden ingredient of all high profile brands.