Hello friends,

Well, the first half of 2020 is behind us, and it seems like we all survived! Perhaps stronger in some ways, maybe a little worse for wear in others, but here we are. At ID, we are encouraged by restrictions easing a little and a ‘return’ to our new normal, with clients taking this time to reach out for brand reset and guidance.

So, let’s talk about 2020 take two…

If you’ve been busy behind closed doors defining new markets, services or workflows, well done, that’s important work. How about your visual brand? Is it time your brand was tweaked to reflect the bold new ‘open for business’ you? EOFY time is an opportunity for a fresh start and a clean slate…and I bet a take two on 2020 sounds pretty good right now!

The perfect brand tool for getting noticed is your logo.

ID can help you get noticed where you need it, for all the right reasons. From a subtle tweak to a bold makeover, it’s super essential your logo aligns to your current brand story and is underpinned by a rock-solid brand strategy.

We know everyone feels inspired by a before and after reveal, so scroll on down to see some logo reinventions👇. We’d love to know your fave!

To get going, shoot us an email with a ‘Yes, Let’s Take Two’, or if you love a fancy form as much as we do, hit us up here