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Content is King – long live good content.

Bill Gates coined the term ‘Content is King’ way back in 1996, and we couldn’t agree more. Our philosophy is all about strategy then design, with content curation being a vital first step in all of our website design projects.

Here are our 5 Reasons Why Content is King

1. It will do wonders for your SEO

While you can splash your cash on an AdWords or SEO campaign to boost your ranking, you can also give it an extra push with an integrated blog or news page. Publishing regular blog posts will create an archive of content supporting your brand’s profile.

Plus, a higher ranking = more exposure to users searching for your content.

Handy Hint - Add a blog to your website (not a link to a third-party blog site) and post regularly. Good quality, unique content of around 300-500 words with links and naturally placed keywords is going to help your website to rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords.

2. Potential customers will want to engage with you

Relevant content creates brand awareness and gives you an authority in the market. It also encourages potential customers to engage with your brand. It could be in the form of reading a blog post or liking a pic on your social media channels.

If your content is really good, consumers will stop to read it, understand its relation to your brand and (ideally) comment and/or share it. If it doesn’t immediately appear of interest to the user, they will scroll on and the content will quickly find its way into the upside-down. (Stranger Things reference for all you fans! – hurry up season 2!).

Handy Hint - To strengthen engagement and build a relationship with your potential customer, make sure you share your content through your social media channels eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

3. Generate leads and sales by demonstrating your product’s worth

Finding the right balance between a blatant sales pitch and an advertorial approach can be tricky. By telling your customer how your product will make their lives easier or save them time and money, you are selling the ‘value’ of your product without blasting a ‘BUY ME NOW’ message.

Sometimes an in your face sales message is appropriate in driving more sales i.e. “50% off store-wide”. However, if you bombard your customer with too much hard sell content, it can alienate them, having a negative impact on their feelings towards your brand.

A relaxed and conversational approach towards your product’s worth will help reinforce a positive experience between your brand and customer. This can potentially generate new leads and increase your sales as more people get exposed to what your brand represents.

Handy Hint - Try not to be too ‘salesy' in your content. Ensure your customers clearly understand the value of your product without feeling the obvious hard sell.

4. Add value to your products or services

If you generate content that helps your user solve a problem in their everyday lives or teaches them something new, this is adding intangible value to your brand.

Customers love this sort of content, as it shows them that your brand is willing to go beyond just trying to get them to buy your product or use your service.

Handy Hint - Try incorporating how-to's, tips and tricks, instructional videos or webinars into your website and/or blog posts.

5. Give your customer a reason to linger longer

While good-quality unique content will help your SEO, it will also help drive more traffic to your website and keep visitors there for longer.

Whilst we strive for a less is more approach to websites, you still need a decent amount of content to have an impact. For example, a site that only has a home page and contact page will be subject to higher bounce rates, lower page views, and very little consumer engagement compared to a website that has multiple pages and an integrated blog.

You want to leave a lasting impression and help your customer engage with your brand more effectively.

Handy Hint - Make sure your website has a really great About Us page to entice your customer to read more and stay on your website for longer. Your customers always want to know the ‘who’ and ‘why’ behind your product or service.

Let us make your next big idea a big success...