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We are highly creative, ambitious, coffee lovers and we love to turn heads.

Ivory Design is much more than a design studio, we are a full service creative agency.

Our extensive range of services and strategic approach allows us to work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. We care about our clients goals and take the time to appreciate and understand the bigger picture.

Our approach to each project is never just about creating pretty pictures. Our briefs are detailed, our targets are set and we do our research. This is how we nail every brief, every time.


Since 2005 we’ve been inventing, reinventing and shaping businesses and brands to accelerate growth and build on their success. We never compromise on quality and strive to exceed clients expectations with every single design we produce - no matter how small or large the project.

On the flip side, we also don't take ourselves too seriously. We're not afraid to have a bit of fun and we love to laugh (at ourselves most of the time!) and feel it’s important to get the work/life balance right.

Meet the team.

Ivory Design is as big, or as small, as your project or budget needs us to be. Our awesome creative team are a talented bunch, with everybody bringing their own unique skill set to the table. We are constantly evolving and learning new tricks and tips, to ensure we stay ‘ahead of the pack’.

Our business model is all about collaboration. This allows us to be flexible in our approach, building the best team for each project. Our key players featured below make up the core Ivory team, you’ll get to know them pretty quick when you become part of the Ivory family!

Ebony Round

Boss Lady

“ Creativity is intelligence having fun ”

- Albert Einstein

As business owner and Creative Director, Ebony oversees all projects and collaborates with the team to bring brands to life. The most enjoyable part of her job is creating new ‘start up’ companies from scratch, watching their business grow, building on their success and becoming clients for life.


SECRET TALENT Figure skating (this is a true story – ask her!)

ENJOYS Hanging out with her ‘mini me’ daughter Lilla, entering Instagram competitions, figure skating (see above) and 'researching' the best coffee in Mordy and the Peninsula.

Leigh Heywood

Digital Marketing Rockstar

“ Having a website without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark. ”

- Stuart H Britt

With an advertising agency background, Leigh knows how to implement and execute a successful marketing campaign. She has a passion for all things digital, is the go to girl for websites and loves talking strategy with business owners and fellow marketing managers.


SECRET TALENT Master of spreadsheets.

ENJOYS Anything summer, Youtubing cat videos with Jen, critiquing other peoples websites, entering fitness events with little or no training.

Jarrod Bransden

Creative Superhero

“ Good design is obvious, great design is transparent. ”

- Joe Sparano

Jarrod brings over 13 years experience driving creative strategy for brands locally and globally across a range of industries and sectors. Having worked for studios in Melbourne and London, as well as leading in-house creative teams in the corporate environment, Jarrod has a great understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented within the commercial landscape, believing strongly in the competitive advantage that intelligent, impactful, unique and engaging design can play in delivering on marketing and business strategy.


SECRET TALENT Very good at navigating. And slow cooking.

ENJOYS Cooking, gardening, and travelling.

Benn Day

Developer / Wizard

“ No Capes! ”

- Edna Mode

After studying music and law Benn made the obvious choice to pursue a career in web development. With over twenty years experience, Benn specialises in the Adobe Business Catalyst platform, along with many popular JavaScript based tools and technologies. Benn has worked alongside both large international organisations, and some of Australia's most well known brands.

FAMOUS DOPPELGANGER Jason Statham (at a stretch)

SECRET TALENT Turning caffeine into code & making wine disappear.

ENJOYS Technology, travel, food, coffee, wine, ballet/dance, opera, jazz, being antisocial and/or socially awkward.

Craig Moodie


“ Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ”

- Edgar Degas

Craig is an international award-winning photographer with a formidable technical eye. A master of his craft with a compelling work ethic approaching each subject with a high level of professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm – in a way only a photographer who truly loves his work can deliver.

FAMOUS DOPPELGANGER Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad.


ENJOYS Surfing, exploring Melbourne's restaurants and the Peninsula's wineries.

Petra O'Donoghue

Super senior designer extraordinaire

“ Humour is just truth, only faster ”

- Glida Radner

Petra aims to use her design powers for good, establishing and communicating the client message with a simple, creative and contemporary response. She has extensive experience working with boutique-style national brands and artisan producers with a particular focus on brand development in all its forms. With equal parts dedication to typographic and illustrative approaches and a B.Des from Monash under her wing, Petra is committed to developing unique and authentic design solutions.


SECRET TALENT Knows where the apostrophe goes

ENJOYS Cheese, coffee, drawing with a pencil, shameful ‘reality’ renovation shows.

Shannon Creasey

Designer Extraordinaire

“ Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. ”

- M.C. Escher

With over 15 years design experience, Shannon has worked on all facets of the industry including brand identities, publications, websites and signage. He enjoys the different challenges of all projects and is inspired by designers, photographers, artists, musicians and everyday people alike.

FAMOUS DOPPELGANGER Chazz Michael Michaels


ENJOYS Combi-camping, surfing, wearing red checkered shirts, surfing.

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